not sure what happened to October…

But the month flew by, and, already, November promises to maintain a similar pace.  I’ve been – and will continue to be – more than a little busy with teaching, writing grant proposals, and reviewing grant proposals. Contenders for the time thief meddling in my world prize: 1) re-thinking, re-designing, and implementing new course content (not sure why, but this term – more than ever – my students are learning differently & are more overwhelmed than ever; as a result, my pedagogical practices have demanded modification); 2) beginning a new research project; 3) serving as a reviewer for others’ projects.

For the moment (lest the month pass, albeit unintentionally, without my having taken time to author a single post), I will note solely that my new research project is proving to be a major (i.e. both challenging and rewarding) endeavor. The project aims to digitize a collection of writings that currently exists in its original nineteenth- and early-twentieth-century manuscript form. At present, c. 215 boxes of writings are extant, and all of the box contents urgently warrant digitization. The good news: several extraordinarily innovative cataloging and transcription models exist, and, needless to say, my work is drawing on these exciting exemplars. Designing the corresponding technology, engaging the project partners, and planning/coordinating the project stages (from the present through 2012) — all critical, critical tasks, and all seriously demanding.

The institution where the manuscripts are held has offered “unanimous” and “enthusiastic” support for my project and, crucially, is proving to be an excellent collaborator. Most notably, they are pro-innovation and game on for a DH endeavor.