discovering Martha Berry

Just finished a fairly comprehensive draft of Discovering Martha Berry for MBDA, which is scheduled to be released publicly in April. The piece is not yet garnished with images or other visual flourishes, but it was wonderful to write, and equally intriguing to mine the archive for sources. Berry is an incredibly interesting subject, and I find her – simultaneously – elusive, extroverted, vivacious, intense, and witty. Though I’ve spent c. 2.5 years working intimately with her writings, I’ve yet either to tire of her or precisely to pin her down. And the fun is just beginning, it seems, as there’s so much more yet to learn once we open the project for public editing.Martha Berry

We have much left to accomplish before April, but MBDA’s participatory editing plugin is nearly ready for Omeka 2.0, and, with a bit of luck, the programmer will have successfully upgraded the dev site to 2.0 this weekend. Now that is progress to celebrate!