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new DH blog launches – 4Humanities

not sure what happened to October…

But the month flew by, and, already, November promises to maintain a similar pace.  I’ve been – and will continue to be – more than a little busy with teaching, writing grant proposals, and reviewing grant proposals. Contenders for the time thief meddling in my […]

Drumbeat Festival

Drumbeat 2010

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Stephanie Schlitz – Julia Flanders Interview

Learning Communities

In my recent work in the area of publishing, a question about the idea of a learning community came up. It seems fitting therefore to explain my learning community background and experience here in order to illustrate my own perspective more clearly. I was introduced […]

June 2010

Greetings! I’ll start this blog by sharing that I’ve not spent very much time as a blogger, but given that students in my classes this fall will be required to complete blogging assignments, it seems only fair to compose and to learn alongside them. My […]