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Stephanie Schlitz – Julia Flanders Interview

An Interview with Julia Flanders

Interview Introduction (TEI-XML View and Podcast) Dr. Julia Flanders (jf) is a longstanding member of the TEI and DH communities, Director of the Women Writers Project, Editor of Digital Humanities Quarterly, past Vice President and past President of the Association for Computers and the Humanities […]

An Interview with Julia Flanders, Part Two: Questions

A. Introductory Questions 1. Although you’ve been involved in Digital Humanities for nearly two decades, you’ve indicated elsewhere that you “came to computers late,” remonstrating as an undergraduate student that “perhaps [you] might never own a computer” (“Day of Julia Flanders”). How did you become […]

An Interview with Julia Flanders: Introduction

1. Background During summer 2007 I had the great pleasure of attending the Digital Humanities Summer Institute (DHSI) where I participated in a seminar on text encoding facilitated by Julia Flanders and Syd Bauman. In a word: the class ruled. Julia and Syd are exceptional […]

Drupal and Inconstancy

Arguably, Drupal is an excellent CMS; it’s used by “hundreds of thousands of projects” (from professional to proprietary to educational); it’s the platform I selected for my most recent DH project; and it’s one I’d recommend to others (it’s learnable; teachable; extensible). But I would […]

TEI-XML and Drupal

A question* about Drupal & TEI recently arose on TEI-L where one TEI member advanced my name as that of an individual whose work results in an instance of Drupal-TEI integration. In short, I (along with my colleagues Garrick Bodine, Helmut Doll, and Elaine Gustus) […]