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Two pubs on participatory editing and learning

I attended the excellent Conference of the European Society for Textual Scholarship in Amsterdam during fall 2012 to discuss the MBDA project. The society’s journal issue from that conference was (finally!) published this spring. A version of my talk, “Digital Texts, Metadata, and the Multitude: New Directions […]

CMS Nirvana

the image below (txs GSB for sending it my way) has sparked some serious, unintended controversy for the blogger who posted it, but it’s pithy, and based on my experience digging around in the guts of both Drupal and WordPress, dead on.

Teaching Linguistics

Good news: A new LSA publication, the journal Teaching Linguistics, is to be launched formally at the LSA meeting in January (congratulations to the founding Editor, Kazuko Hiramatsu!). This innovative, open access e-journal is adopting a cc licensing model (Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike), with options for authors to […]

Open Oxford

Great news, Oxford Journals has announced an open access initiative!

Corpus linguistics and writing research

I have used language corpora extensively in support of my own research; and in my linguistics classes, I teach students how to use various corpora to search for linguistic patterns and to examine their own questions about language. Several years ago, I also began developing […]