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Ten reasons why we should teach DH to undergraduate students: This is the first draft of a larger summary of my thoughts in response to teaching DH to a group of fourteen undergraduate students this semester. 1) Because these students will very likely determine the […]

another glimpse

[who the authors are: 14 undergraduate students; freshmen through senior; an interdisciplinary (chemistry to English) group of nine females & five males. our best discussion lately was given to us (not created by us) by a digital artist whose work straddles literary and visual arts; […]

an early glimpse of my DH course

although this word cloud is a less than perfectly accurate representation of the postings (students’ and my own) on my course blog (e.g. it includes tag categories such as uncategorized, includes post status terms like posted, and so forth), it nonetheless does begin to convey […]


This semester, I am teaching one of my courses using entirely digital media. It’s about time, right? The advent of digital books and the widespread availability of e-journals, electronic archives, and numerous web-based social networking, research, and authoring tools suggests this is an obvious – […]

Teaching DH

Though I’m woefully behind on nearly everything, it’s wonderful to begin a new semester, to meet new students, and to remember that with so many extraordinary new resources and projects and tools, teaching is something to relish. My DH class is perhaps the most challenging […]

An Interview with Julia Flanders

Interview Introduction (TEI-XML View and Podcast) Dr. Julia Flanders (jf) is a longstanding member of the TEI and DH communities, Director of the Women Writers Project, Editor of Digital Humanities Quarterly, past Vice President and past President of the Association for Computers and the Humanities […]

An Interview with Julia Flanders, Part Two: Questions

A. Introductory Questions 1. Although you’ve been involved in Digital Humanities for nearly two decades, you’ve indicated elsewhere that you “came to computers late,” remonstrating as an undergraduate student that “perhaps [you] might never own a computer” (“Day of Julia Flanders”). How did you become […]

An Interview with Julia Flanders: Introduction

1. Background During summer 2007 I had the great pleasure of attending the Digital Humanities Summer Institute (DHSI) where I participated in a seminar on text encoding facilitated by Julia Flanders and Syd Bauman. In a word: the class ruled. Julia and Syd are exceptional […]