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I never, ever want to go back. But a new semester begins this week, and, despite the terribleness of having to return, it is always a little bit wonderful to start again fresh. Fall term was interesting. I taught The World According to Garp (John […]

the sun will come out…

have the pleasure today of working with nearly 40 future teachers (and some amazing experienced teachers and colleagues) as part of a workshop for English/Language Arts Education majors at Bloomsburg University. one-word summary of session one with freshmen and sophomore (and junior and senior) preservice […]

a difficult day

possibly the most marked part of any classroom based discussion on language variation, perhaps especially ethnically-based dialectal variation, is the pronounced use of the pronoun forms they  and them (wish i could do a frequency count in class and measure the percentage of they/them). but […]

’tis the season: bibles, ngrams & cut and paste

my husband just pointed out a fascinating little piece in the Jan 2012 issue of Smithsonian (and this in response to my announcing amazement at finding reference to Google’s Ngram Viewer in National Geographic’s December 2011 piece on the King James Bible; more on that […]

Teaching Linguistics

Good news: A new LSA publication, the journal Teaching Linguistics, is to be launched formally at the LSA meeting in January (congratulations to the founding Editor, Kazuko Hiramatsu!). This innovative, open access e-journal is adopting a cc licensing model (Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike), with options for authors to […]

why textual studies?

Why subsume transcription and textual study within a History of the English Language course? Because close textual study cultivates an understanding of the intimate link between historical language change, the human (i.e. social, political, economic, migratory…) forces responsible for it, and the speakers and writers (dead […]

experiential learning

and maybe i should take a stronger cue from one of my favorite aspects of education: the part where we all (students and teachers) get to participate in the practice of learning, in the tasks that apply our knowledge and skill, in the activities – […]

the final exam where I’m blissfully superfluous

Why am I not present and carefully monitoring the final exam I am ‘giving’ right now (from 8:00 am – 10:00 am)? Because my fourteen DH students don’t need me there. They’ve designed the final; they’re completing it collaboratively; and, from what I’ve seen so […]