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digital archives and historical linguistics

It is challenging to write about my work while I’m in the midst of it, since proposals, abstracts, and indeed project tasks and oversight require tremendous amounts of time and attention… Stealing away to write for a moment, however, makes a lot of sense just […]

MBDA Project

Just returned from an excellent trip to Berry College where I spent the last two weeks working on the Martha Berry Digital Archive Project. I initiated the project in 2010 and, working collaboratively with Berry Library and Museum staff and students, colleagues in History and […]

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We are the World – We are the Linguists video on Language Log… too good not to share.

save the words

Check out Oxford’s Save the Words – an intriguing and visually striking project. While I’m hopeful the endeavor will be successful, I’m more than a little skeptical about the probability of PDE speakers adopting words such as veteratorian ‘subtle’, pugnastics ‘displays of boxing abilities’, agonyclyte […]

Corpus linguistics and writing research

I have used language corpora extensively in support of my own research; and in my linguistics classes, I teach students how to use various corpora to search for linguistic patterns and to examine their own questions about language. Several years ago, I also began developing […]

digital humanities, semantics, and a WOTY suggestion for ADS

I’m a little sheepish about admitting this, but I’ve been delinquent in offering my own definition of DH. While I’m more than willing to take academic risks and to define and contribute to new scholarly endeavors, I’m more reserved when defining something I’ve been a […]