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Two pubs on participatory editing and learning

I attended the excellent Conference of the European Society for Textual Scholarship in Amsterdam during fall 2012 to discuss the MBDA project. The society’s journal issue from that conference was (finally!) published this spring. A version of my talk, “Digital Texts, Metadata, and the Multitude: New Directions […]

crowdsourcing the archive

first paragraph of an article I’m writing which is due in September; its timing coalesces excellently with the OED’s recent quarterly update: The noun crowdsourcing made its Oxford English Dictionary (OED) Online debut in June 2013[1] as “one of the most recent 1% of entries […]

Martha Berry Digital Archive

Great news: The Martha Berry Digital Archive (MBDA) project is launching this week. Of course we anticipate a few unexpected surprises (technical as well as human), but we look forward to the challenge and to seeing the project grow!    

mapping MBDA

In the midst of debugging our site upgrade and thereafter finally turning toward site styling. Despite the bugs and incomplete design scheme, archive data is solid. We’ve mapped c. one-third of the scanned and published collection (and there’s quite a bit more yet to scan […]

discovering Martha Berry

Just finished a fairly comprehensive draft of Discovering Martha Berry for MBDA, which is scheduled to be released publicly in April. The piece is not yet garnished with images or other visual flourishes, but it was wonderful to write, and equally intriguing to mine the […]

ESTS Conference: I <3 Amsterdam

Just returned from an exceptional few days in Amsterdam, where the ESTS Conference was held last week. The Dutch are wonderful hosts. Without exception (at the conference and throughout Amsterdam), whether assisting with conference details, technology, or more touristic ventures, the people were gracious. My* […]

Henry Ford, Open Access, & 4th Grade

Having worked extensively on MBDA this semester and having been especially vocal about project-related milestones during recent dinner conversations, it wasn’t entirely surprising when my son asked me to tell him a little more about MBDA and to explain the progress we’ve been making… ‘Why […]

blogging x2

It’s been a challenge to keep current here in the midst of MBDA development, but the MBDA project remains open throughout the dev process, and you can watch it unfold on the dev site and on Crowd-Ed.