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First garden pix

Ameraucana Rooster & Hen

Two pubs on participatory editing and learning

I attended the excellent Conference of the European Society for Textual Scholarship in Amsterdam during fall 2012 to discuss the MBDA project. The society’s journal issue from that conference was (finally!) published this spring. A version of my talk, “Digital Texts, Metadata, and the Multitude: New Directions […]

Offline for a bit

Happy (pre)Holidays! I’ve been off campus and offline for a bit but expect to resume posting during spring 2015. Lots to report: A cross-country journey to the Pacific Northwest and some major changes ahead for my family. It’s been adventurous and challenging. Loads to think about […]

my digital native

I can scarcely believe it has been nearly two years since I traveled to Cameroon with my colleague Ekema and a small group of university students. My colleague is Cameroonian, and although his students and I were in very good hands with him as our […]

Minecraft Mystery

My son’s book is up and it’s loads of fun! Check it out:

breaking up is hard to do

sometimes, despite our best intentions, relationships just don’t work out. words, much as i love them, can get in the way, and paragraphs, intended to fit snugly within an argument, well, sometimes, they muddy rather than continue the point. here’s a recent passage I was […]


I never, ever want to go back. But a new semester begins this week, and, despite the terribleness of having to return, it is always a little bit wonderful to start again fresh. Fall term was interesting. I taught The World According to Garp (John […]