river roads

Bloomsburg University (BU) is closed until Thursday, Sept 15 (at least) Sunday, Sept 18. While BU rests on ground that is beyond the range of the Susquehanna River and the creeks in the area, flooding in the town of Bloomsburg itself is breathtakingly severe. Like Bloomsburg, BU lost water and power supplies, and, sadly, many of our faculty, staff and students’ homes  have been directly affected by  floodwaters.

My own home is on a small mountain about twenty minutes from Bloomsburg, and while we suffered no direct effects from the high waters, the valley roads around us flooded and were closed, essentially islanding us on Baldtop Mountain for a few days.

This photo (from the gallery of pics available from the Bloomsburg Press Enterprise), which shows the intersection of highways 42 and 11, a route many, including me, travel nearly daily (the exit from 42 South to 11 East  is nearly submerged, and 11/Main Street is under water), just begins to illustrate the degree of devastation: