a brief introduction

this is the fastest and easiest (and briefest) speaker intro i’ve ever drafted. wheeler’s work and its importance make it easy, and brevity is essential (after all, the heavy lifting is in her talk).

It’s my honor and privilege to welcome Prof Rebecca Wheeler to Bloomsburg University and to introduce you to her this evening. Prof. Wheeler’s work as an educator, her numerous – canonical – books and articles, and her longstanding commitment to linguistically diverse learners underpin the teaching of standard English in many, many classrooms across the nation. But –  I would argue – there is considerably more work to do, and that’s why I’ve invited her to speak with us this evening —

Dr. Wheeler joins us tonight following a talk at Harvard, where she participated in the Annual Alumni of Color Conference dedicated this year to “Disrupting the Discourse” and to “Discussing the Undiscussable” – In every way, her talk this evening is designed precisely to ‘disrupt’ the discourse and to engage us in dialogue about the ‘undiscussable’. Why? So that educators at ALL levels:

  • Recognize our responsibility to understand the facts about language variation
  • Recognize our responsibilities to dialectally diverse learners

and so that we

  • Recognize who and what we sacrifice when we fail to do these things

Please join me in welcoming Prof. Wheeler.

Monday, March 5 @ 7 pm – “Power, Prestige, Prejudice: Dialect as Elephant in the School Room”