every day is different

One student, a father and mechanic, told me that, in a pinch, you can use duct tape to repair a broken radiator hose temporarily. One of my students is a manager at McDonald’s. Because he works there, I’d consider stopping in for a coffee. One student is studying barbering; she’s passionate about the profession.

But there is also food poisoning. Rape. Exhaustion. ‘I can’t read anything about the war aloud.’ The Underachievers inspire. Moving. Pregnant girlfriend. Just say no to drugs.

I learned that one of my students has been homeless since August. Another bright woman says she doesn’t “look at people” and was angry that she would miss a journal entry when she announced, mid-class, that she had to leave early. I’ve learned about one student’s problems with fecal impaction. Another student has stopped coming to class.

This is one of the smartest groups of individuals I’ve ever taught. Still, sometimes, for every single person in the room, it’s hard.