Week 1, 8/30

Weekly Schedule (tentative)

Jane Austen Fiction Manuscripts encoding model

Due Fri, 9/10:

  1. Begin reviewing several examples of DH resources; see the list available at: Digital Literary Studies
  2. Review one another’s definitions; comment (substantively) on at least two
  3. Revise your own def. if needed
  4. Present comparisons

Due Wed, 9/8: Blog assignment (be sure to read – even more – about DH and how it is being defined and described by others) & read Susan Hockey’s “The History of Humanities Computing”

Due Fri, 9/3:

a good question arose after class: in assessing what is DH and what is not, are we simply comparing websites and deciding which is better? (the answer is no, but I ask you to consider why we are not simply comparing websites…)

1. (John Unsworth): Spend more time reading through this article

(charlatanry) Austen Archive vs. Jane Austen Fiction Manuscripts

2. (way of reasoning) Shakespeare Concordance

3. Parker’s Dante Project (vs. this one) and see Parker’s editorial policy

4. The Digital Humanities and Humanities Computing: An Introduction (from Schreibman, Siemens, and Unsworth’s A Companion to Digital Humanities): This introduction is very useful, but we will not cover it in detail in class

5. Begin Blog assignment (if you haven’t yet); post a working definition(you can and should revise it)

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