Week 9, 10/25

NOTE: We’re a bit off schedule: This week we’ve been discussing text encoding and will continue to do so on Wednesday, when you’ll complete a text encoding task in class. Please continue to think about your research project assignment and to post related questions to the blog as they arise.

For Wed: Real-world transcription practice: This assignment invites you to contribute to an ongoing text encoding and transcription project dedicated to the works of utilitarian philosopher Jeremy Bentham.

For Friday, First, could you please write a reaction post describing your response to Transcribe Bentham (share whatever you wish about the experience, from technical to paleographic to thematic comments and beyond)? Then, we’ll review and discuss several crowdsourcing examples and explore  how digital humanists (and others) are leveraging the public participation to achieve research goals. Your Task for Friday: Working with a small group, review one of these crowdsourcing examples in-depth and be prepared to explain the concept of crowdsourcing as illustrated by your example to the class (be sure as well to cursorily review all of the crowdsourcing examples on this list):

Blog Assignment (due Wed, Nov. 3): How might you use crowdsourcing in your research project for this class (or, if you prefer, in some other context)?

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