Week 5, 9/27

Week 5: Being ‘Born Digital’

Mon, 9/27:

(plan to discuss copyright first since we didn’t get to cover it last week. in this class, not only are we interested in copyright, but also in extensions of copyright via creative commons (what is CC?); what kind of license would you choose if you were creating a DH resource?)

What is CC? (short video)

(we’ll get to these, below, on monday or wednesday)
1. Alan Liu: “Imagining the New Media Encounter” in Digital Literary Studies

2. Henry Jenkins

[Marie-Laure Ryan “Fictional Worlds in the Digital Age” in Digital Literary Studies recommended, not required]
[Nick Montfort: “Riddle Machines…” in Digital Literary Studies recommended, not required]

3. Some examples:

Wed 9/ 29: Begin Project One Presentations

Fri 10/1: Guest Speaker Prof. Sue O’Donnell (see a gallery of her work here) on Digital Art (also see this entry on digital art) Prepare at least three (thoughtful, critical, researched) questions in advance of Prof. O’Donnell’s visit and post them before class using the reply on this page (feel free to develop your questions with a partner or two and to post a single reply for your group) – obvious, but worthwhile, questions about copyright, creative commons, collaboration, and dissemination are good starting points…

Due 10/4 Blog Assignment 3: handwriting, word processing, blog entry, tweet, image, Facebook post: they all result in text, but they’re not all the same. Explore some of the differences (and commonalities) between creating in a traditional environment and composing in a digital medium. How or what do you or could you or would you create in a digital environment? (feel free to draw on your experience composing this blog entry and/or Prof. O’Donnell’s lecture) AND/OR reflect on issues of copyright and privacy; discuss the significance of both in the context of born digital materials; if you were developing a born digital text (I’m defining text v-e-r-y loosely here), how would you address the copyright issue? would creative commons be an option for you? and how might you leverage tracking/analytics tools?

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