Week 4, 9/20

Weekly Schedule (tentative)

because we shifted our schedule, be sure to see the week 9/13 page for the reading assignment due Monday, 9/20

Topic: Copyright and Privacy Are we unwittingly relinquishing privacy to gain technological advancement? Are online publications helping or harming the  individuals who produce them?

Mon, 9/20: In class collaboration on project one presentations (please come prepared – i.e. plan in advance, bring notes, URLs, drafts, etc. – to work with your group in class today) (this was moved to Friday, 9/17)

Wed, 9/22: Copyright & Privacy: What are the important questions we need to consider?

a. Copyright: What is it? Do we need it?

b. Creative Commons:

c. Schneier “Privacy in the Age of Persistence”
d. Schneier on Youth and Privacy
e. Google analytics (data tracking, data persistence)
f. NPR: Tracking the Companies that Track You Online WSJ Analysis of Tracking Software (audio version below)
g. The Onion: “Google Responds to Privacy Concerns…”

Fri, 9/24: Guest Garrick Bodine, IT Manager Penn State, on Privacy: What are our attitudes toward privacy on the web? How much do we share? How might that information be read or used by others?

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