Week 3, 9/13

Weekly Schedule (tentative)

(scroll down for the 9/20 reading assignment)

Topic: Digital Ubiquity (Are we really going all digital?)

Due Monday: Blog 2 – Given what we’ve been reading, reviewing, and discussing, if you could interview John Unsworth, Julia Flanders, Jerome McGann, or another DH authority, what questions would you ask? There are no boundaries, per se, but you must write at least three questions and each must in some way relate to what we’ve been exploring thus far. (and – to be sure – there is a real possibility that these very questions of yours may indeed be asked of precisely these individuals, so be sure to take time to author questions worth asking)

  1. Digital Natives (vs. digital immigrants):
    1. Rewiring kids’ brains: Gary Small
    2. What makes a digital native? Marc Prensky
    3. Are digital natives as savvy as they seem? Mark Bauerlein
    4. Marc Prensky: see “Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants” parts I and II
  2. Naomi Baron “Gresham’s Ghost: Challenges to Written Culture” in Always On: Language in an Online and Mobile World

For Monday, September 20

  1. Marilyn Deegan and Kathryn Sutherland “Newspaper Publishing in the Online World” in Text and Genre in Reconstruction. Effects of Digitalization on Ideas, Behaviours, Products and Institutions (p. 203)
  2. Peter Robinson “Electronic Editions for Everyone” in Text and Genre in Reconstruction. Effects of Digitalization on Ideas, Behaviours, Products and Institutions (p. 145 ) AND/OR Gregory Crane “Give us editors! Re-inventing the edition and re-thinking the humanities”
  3. Continue Project One: Exploring, Analyzing, and Assessing Digital Projects (choose a partner, a resource to explore, and begin the related blog post)

Be sure to post a reading response to both articles as a “reply” at the bottom of this page – thanks!

Deegan and Sutherland Questions:

  1. What is the significance of aggregation in this discussion?
  2. Describe how technology has contributed to newspapers historically. What are newspaper publishers’ fears today (in response to technology)?
  3. What alternatives to newspapers are available (today)?
  4. What news source classifications do the authors describe? How do they distinguish between them?
  5. What issues arise in shifting from print to online news formats in terms of visual appearance and audience appeal?
  6. What does print do best?
  7. Crowdsourcing; outsourced journalism; reinstating the roving reporter – explain?
  8. Decline in proper journalism; what analogy is drawn to illustrate this? Does the analogy stand?
  9. Integrated ecology –whose idea? What is it?
  10. How do we cope with the volume?
  11. Balance; fine tuning; radial reading; gains and losses from targeted approach?

Robinson Question:: What is Robinson’s “bird nest in a rainbow” proposal?

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