Ken Myers

When I signed up to take digital humanities I was under the impression that this class was based on reading different forms of literature that could be found online and using other literary resources that could be found online.  It’s a broad idea I know.  After having the first few classes and reading the assigned articles I have altered my definition a bit.

Digital humanities is in one sense based on the consistency and quality of presentation.  I’m not saying that presentation is the only important thing but it should have a professional and well thought out appearance.  In addition to this, the project should have a clearly stated and important purpose behind it.  It shouldn’t be random.  Rather it should be scholarly and act as an important piece used to further advance the study at hand.  Lastly (at least at this point in my definition) I believe that digital humanities must allow for nearly unlimited creativity.  It’s important that others can not only see but also alter and add (hopefully in a positive way) the work that’s being presented.  In short it should be interactive and user friendly.  As I continue to read more comes to mind.  Digital humanities can cover a broad range but I find it difficult to limit the boundaries.  A lot of gray area seems to exist.  If you would like to add some of your thoughts I would greatly appreciate it.

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