Research Project (20%)

Please post your project proposal on the project page created for your group.

Projects will be presented in class during a mock grants competition:

  • Date: Mon 12/6 & Wed 12/8 (and Fri, 12/10 if needed)
  • Time: 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm
  • Location: 12/6 – 12/10: Bakeless 102
  • Presentation: 20 minute presentation/10 minute question period

During the competition, which is modeled to represent a traditional academic conference, groups will present their proposals while peers serve as reviewers who have been invited (and who have traveled to the competition from their incredibly important positions across the globe) to evaluate proposals and, based on specific DH criteria, to recommend or deny funding. This is a high stakes competition; come prepared to impress! ~ refreshments provided ~

Initial Deadlines:

  • Mon, Nov 1: Topic Selection
  • Mon, Nov 8: Preliminary Outline/Sketch/Design Draft
  • Mon, Nov 22: In-Class project workshopping and peer review

DH Research Proposal (work with a 2-4 Person/Research Team)– (design your own DH project – no boundaries, only vision…) A 10-15 page, typed, double-spaced research proposal to be posted on the blog; including:

1)      Preliminary Abstract
2)      Project Overview
3)      Research Goal and Objectives
4)      Project Deliverables
5)      Project Stakeholders
6)      Methodology (specific, detailed, technical)
7)      Working Bibliography
8)      Proof of Concept (e.g. mock up) if Available
9)      Individual reflection statement
Note:If you can accomplish the deliverable — completely or in beta/draft form — the proposal itself can be condensed.

Some tools that may be useful as you consider collaboration and design: ScribD,  MediaWiki, Wikispaces, PBWiki, Anthologize and Google Docs, Netvibes (create a site), Weebly (create a website) and WordPress (site/blog tool). Plus, check out: TextSTAT, AntConc, Visual Thesaurus, Many Eyes, Open Street Map, and Digital Resource Tools (DiRT)

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