Project One (15%)

(15%) DH Review Assignment & Presentation

Select from the list of DH projects to review (some resources are available at: Digital Literary Studies and below, but you are free, with approval, to select a source on your own). You and your partner(s) will describe and review a project using the guidelines in 1-8 below:

1)      Title and URL (or location)

2)      Overview and Aim

3)      Authors and/or Principal Investigators and Affiliation(s)

4)      Stakeholders, including End-Users

5)      Funding Source(s), if any

6)      Humanities Significance

7)      Digital Innovations

8)      Critique and Comments

9) How could this project be transformed, transmuted so that it is a “bird’s nest in a rainbow?”

Summarize your review according to 1-8 in an extended blog post. Be sure to include links, references, and other sources where appropriate.

Together, you and your partner will present the project to the class and will explain its digital and its humanities significance, its intended audience/end-users, and its raison d’être (‘purpose’). While doing so, you will guide the class step-by-step through the resource while describing 1-8 and sharing your review of the project.

Due 9/29; to be presented in class 9/29 and 10/4

more project possibilities:

Darwin Online
Inscriptions of Aphrodisias
Vincent Van Gogh: The Letters
Early English Laws
Music Theatre Online
Witches in Early Modern England
The Schoenberg Database of Manuscripts
Early Irish Glossaries Database
Faulkner at Virginia
Study of Open Access Publishing (SOAP)
Digital Storytelling

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