It is essential that DH be taught at the undergraduate level.  Everyone in this class came in not knowing what DH was or even that it existed.  We can safely assume that a majority of the population does not know what DH is as well.  In order for this subject to gain the support it needs, it needs to be known.  People need to talk about it, be informed about it, and learn about it.

DH is an innovative and interesting field, but it has a plethora of deep issues and complicated technical aspects.  Should any undergrad be able to take this class?  I believe that the answer is yes.  If, as in the case of our class, only honors students are allowed to take the class, a portion of the educated population will miss out on this important issue.  While the issues involved may be complex, any student who wants to learn will be able to.  Students should be allowed to take the class and if they fail because they don’t work hard enough, then that is the fault of the student, not the subject.  Essentially, the larger portion of the population reached equals more individuals educated about DH and contributing to the important field.

Today, nearly everyone uses the internet on a daily basis.  Eventually (possibly within the next twenty years), the internet will rule daily life.  Without DH, the humanities may one day be lost to the digital age.  If more people are informed about DH, the more hope there is for the humanities to exist in the digital age.  Teaching DH at the undergraduate level will support the survival of the humanities.  The more informed people are about the issue, the better they will be able to combat it.

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