When offering DH to students at the undergraduate level it is very important that they have a “clear-ish” idea of what the class entails so they aren’t taken by complete surprise. I’m not saying there has to be pre-requisites but this will be a very different class then they will have taken before no matter their major. I didn’t know myself what was going to happen when I signed up for this class. I needed an honors class and this was available. Personally it seemed interesting but there was so much more covered than I imagined.

The first thing that most college students look at is the level of the course and many times they will read the course description. This course is definitely not as easy as a 100 level but students shouldn’t be deterred by having it at a 400 level course. Due to this it should be rated at a 200 or 300 level course. The course course description should include and emphasize that Digital Humanities is still developing as an undertaking and they will be helping to expand and even maybe pioneer this at the undergraduate level.  

As it can probably be gathered from my last two paragraphs, I support the idea of teaching Digital Humanities at the undergraduate level. I think high school is too early but the transition that is necessary to make it in college should (being the key word) allow better atmosphere and intellect to teach this subject. Students earlier than undergraduate study should have contact with different types of digital humanities so they can start to form new ideas but they aren’t ready yet to really comprehend the subject matter.

When students take DH they need to understand they will not just be using technology but trying to understand the implications of technology on our society. They have to be expected to collaborate to make projects and fully embrace everything DH has to offer. Being a Digital Humanities student currently I have only begun to scratch the surface of DH but it has changed the way I think about technology and many other things for that matter. I know this is rewarding for anyone willing to step out of the box and explore new disciplines. This adjustment will take time for students to process and may scare many away, but those who stick with it can change the present and the future and help our generation move out of the so called Dumbest Generation”.

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