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Over the past decade, there has been much discussion centered around the what, how, and why of DH. Consider, for example:

  1. Day of DH (a rich collection of definitions and narratives authored by digital humanists from across the DH spectrum)
  2. We’re all digital humanists now (a perspective to challenge or maybe even embrace, but certainly one to consider)
  3. What is humanities computing and what is not? (John Unsworth)
  4. The Digital Humanities and Humanities Computing: An Introduction (from Schreibman, Siemens, and Unsworth’s A Companion to Digital Humanities)
  5. An Interview with Julia Flanders (see her response to the question about definition)

As recently as July 2010 (at the international DH Conference in London), during her closing plenary Dr. Melissa Terras expressed the urgency of engaging in dialogue about DH, offering a definition [“What’s interesting is the big space for a mission statement, and a definition of the field (which we at DH don’t have, yet!).], and explaining not only what digital humanists do but why it is so critically important.

How do you define DH?
due Tues, Sept 7

  1. Crucial to our study is overview of and engagement in the debate .
  2. Read, review, analyze, and critique what others are saying.
  3. Blog your own DH definition (cite no fewer than *three* sources provided above as definitions to draw from; feel free to expand, refine, or negate these definitions in offering your own).
  4. Although there is no length requirement, your definition must include the following:
  • First: a summary of the most salient aspects of others’ definitions (e.g. who gets it right? whom do you disagree with? what is too vague? too detailed? are there illuminating examples worth citing?)
  • Second: a new perspective of your own (the conversation about DH is ongoing and new voices from all levels are critical to defining DH)

due Fri, Sept 10

  1. Read your peers’ definitions and comment on at least two (substantively; i.e. summarize one or two points and offer an insight, comment, and/or question of your own)
  2. Revisit your own definition and, in a comment to your own post, attempt to convey how your ideas about DH fit within the larger set of descriptions being developed within the class. Given the larger dialogue, does your definition warrant revision, refinement?

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