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As you plan how you will combine your posts into a single manifesto (I’ve borrowed Erik’s excellent term here), please keep in mind this message I received from Alan Liu (whose work you’ve read and who is coordinating the 4Humanities site where your statement would be posted):

“We would be interested in including their statement [on the 4 Humanities site] if it bears in some way on advocating for the humanities at large (beyond advocating for the digital humanities).  That is, we’re trying to keep 4Humanities focused on humanities, with the digital humanities playing the supporting role of facilitator.”

He adds: “By comparison, you might be interested in this post I put up on the site yesterday about a student symposium for digital humanities projects, which, as I described it, “features the students talking articulately about the value of combining digital work with the humanities, including the value that such work might provide in bridging between the academy and general society.”

In reviewing your posts, I find that you’re clearly focusing on humanities, with DH as a way of enhancing  humanities study, especially as you address issues such as undergraduate education and literature (etc.). Nevertheless, I wanted to share Liu’s comments with you so that you might reflect consciously on them as you collaboratively finalize your work. I would very much like to see your statement published and your voices recognized by the international DH and humanities communities.

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