ATTN Class: an Approach to the Collaborative Final

Hey guys and gals, just wanted to throw something out there.  Between pounding cups of coffee and studying and writing papers back-to-back, I know we’re all extremely busy in the last two weeks of the semester.  I do, however, have an idea of how we can approach the proposed collaborative final.

What if everyone in the class were to look back on their best posts (i.e. those that were either brought up by Dr. Schlitz in class or served as a springboard for discussion) and came up with a minimum of two strong, clear, awesome, pithy, concise DH insights?  If this were to be done in a timely (before the final!) and organized fashion, we would be able to look over everyone’s points – combining similar ones to make them stronger – and get a great look at what is most important to the class.

Not only is this option in the spirit of DH (as Grace said in her reply to Schlitz’s original proposal), but if you take the time to pull out your finest blog posts, then the work could potentially be done before the actual final even begins.  Tempting?  Of course it is. Click here to go to the working draft (you’ll find that Amanda has already taken advantage of our editing privileges).

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