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Ameraucana Rooster & Hen

Minecraft Mystery

My son’s book is up and it’s loads of fun! Check it out:

breaking up is hard to do

sometimes, despite our best intentions, relationships just don’t work out. words, much as i love them, can get in the way, and paragraphs, intended to fit snugly within an argument, well, sometimes, they muddy rather than continue the point. here’s a recent passage I was […]

liquidation of education?

“…one can imagine that education will be a less and less closed environment, distinguished from professional environments as from other closed environments, but that both of these will disappear to the benefit of a terrible, permanent formation where continuous control is exercised over gymnasium teachers […]

finishing on a good note

it’s been fifteen l-o-n-g weeks of challenges this semester. i’ve been mired in some time and labor-intensive university administrative responsibilities, the kind that require turning over old stones and peering into dark crevices, the kind that remind you that an academic institution can somehow juxtapose […]

txs virginia (x2) and linguistic visualization

just wrapped up assisting EAPSU (entirely new to me but great to work with) members with their fall conference which was held at Bloomsburg. This year’s conference theme was English in the Digital Age: Developments in Language, Literacy,and Literature, and among the highlights were the […]

river roads

Bloomsburg University (BU) is closed until Thursday, Sept 15 (at least) Sunday, Sept 18. While BU rests on ground that is beyond the range of the Susquehanna River and the creeks in the area, flooding in the town of Bloomsburg itself is breathtakingly severe. Like […]

New listing of DH blogs

Online College has published a new listing entitled 20 Best Blogs in the Digital Humanities – Worth checking out.