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crowdsourcing the archive

first paragraph of an article I’m writing which is due in September; its timing coalesces excellently with the OED’s recent quarterly update: The noun crowdsourcing made its Oxford English Dictionary (OED) Online debut in June 2013[1] as “one of the most recent 1% of entries […]


Endings and Beginnings. January is tough. It hasn’t snowed enough yet for us to test our skis. The (packed, productive, working) holiday is over. And my spring term to do  list is HUGE. This semester the MBDA project is pushing to advance our work with […]

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a quiet hive of activity

digital archives and historical linguistics

It is challenging to write about my work while I’m in the midst of it, since proposals, abstracts, and indeed project tasks and oversight require tremendous amounts of time and attention… Stealing away to write for a moment, however, makes a lot of sense just […]

imaging and linguistics

Finishing up a weekend of tasks related to the Martha Berry Digital Archive and one crucial step (which might be considered less significant than others but isn’t) which demands continual attention is the imaging process. Imaging of the Martha Berry Collection began at Berry several […]

MBDA in the news

The Martha Berry Digital Archive (MBDA), the collaborative DH project I’m directing between Bloomsburg University and the Berry College Memorial Library, the Berry College Archives, Oak Hill and the Martha Berry Museum, Berry History and English faculty, and Berry and Bloomsburg students – plus, with […]

MBDA Project

Just returned from an excellent trip to Berry College where I spent the last two weeks working on the Martha Berry Digital Archive Project. I initiated the project in 2010 and, working collaboratively with Berry Library and Museum staff and students, colleagues in History and […]

Primary Sources, Essential Dialogues, and Cool Tools

Classes have resumed (in fact, somehow it’s  nearly mid-term), and I’ve been learning the strengths of a coterie of new students. To me, this is among the most interesting aspects of every new semester — an excellent opportunity to modify course materials and assignments in […]